Leonid Meteor Storm - 19,Nov. 2001 Japan -

1. Videos
Using a super sensitivity B/W CCD camera.
These videos are encoded into MPEG-4, but small stars were disappeared.

  1. Video-1 (MPEG4[0.5MB]) meteors from Leo

  2. Video-2 (MPEG4[1.3MB]) meteors at Orion

  3. Video-3 (MPEG4[0.1MB]) meteor at Orion

  4. Video-4 (MPEG4[0.2MB]) meteor in red sky (using SONY Handycam)

  5. Video-5 (MPEG4[4.2MB]) many meteors (recommend)

  6. Video-6 (MPEG4[1.6MB]) meteors from Leo

2. Photos (negative film)
meteors from Leo - big size image is here(1.2MB)
meteors at Gemini (bright star is Jupiter) - big size image is here(1.9MB)

3. Photos (positive film)

4. Photos (digital camera)
Using digital camera -Olympus C-3040- fixed on tripod.
Exposure time : 16s - maximum exposure time of C-3040.

5. Equipment
Part of used equipment.
silver film cameras (on equatorial mount)
super sensitivity B/W CCD camera
digital video recorder
digital camera

We saw more than 3,000 meteors with naked eye in one night at Japan. wow, What's a fantastic night!!

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